10 questions for: Felix Langfeld

1. Hoe zou je jezelf omschrijven in drie woorden? En zijn deze eigenschappen belangrijk voor een carrière in de logistiek?

  • Structured – that is a basic need to keep the overview, because in a logistic environment, everything happens at the same time
  • Teamplayer – without a good team, you are lost in todays world
  • Reliable – in order to keep your supply chain running, every single part of it needs to be reliable

2. Hoe ben je in aanraking gekomen met logistiek / supply chain management?

Working in a logistic environment at the airport in Frankfurt (Germany)

3. Welke opleiding heb je gedaan (of doe je)? Zijn de vakken/onderwerpen die je daar hebt geleerd relevant en hoe ontwikkel je je verder?

Apprenticeship – Management Assistent for Wholesale and Foreign Trade

Currently studying logistics engineering at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Venlo

4. Hoe ziet een gemiddelde studiedag er voor jou uit?

A lot of variation, no day is the same. Two times a week we have project days, were we work in small group of 2-4 students on a logistics related problem, which we have to solve. On the other days we have lectures, helping us solving exactly the issues we are facing in our projects at that point.

5. Neem een opdracht in gedachten, in hoeverre waren hard skills en soft skills hierbij belangrijk?

At the end of each project there are final presentations, were we have to use these skills. Hard skills are necessary for the content of our projects, know all the details and things you learned during the semester and soft skills are needed for the way of presenting, for example to support your knowlegde and show your audience that you know what you are talking about.

6. Naast je studie ben je sinds kort ook actief bij JLN als Regio Ambassadeur, wat hoop je als RA te bereiken?

I hope to get in contact with many other logisticans to share my passion, knowlegde and maybe get others more enthusiastic about logistic as I am.

7. Hoe zou jij het logistieke klimaat in Nederland op het moment beschrijven? Wat gaat er goed en wat kan er beter?

That is not only for the Dutch sector but logistics in general: It has become a really important factor in the way of doing business nowadays, because of the globalisation, the whole world is more and more connected with each other. In my opinion the overall logistic climate is becoming better and better, and that will be the game changer for the future.

8. Welke trends gaan er volgens jou de logistiek bepalen?

There are a lot of different trends going on right now, but in my opinion the trend big data will have the most influence, because information is power. The more information you have, the better for your company.

9. Veranderingen in de logistiek, kunnen ook jezelf veranderen. Waar zie jij jezelf over vijf jaar?

Because logistics itself is changing so rapidly from day to day, I am not sure where I will be in five years from now, but I am very sure that it will be in a international environment.

10. Tenslotte, wat vind je het mooist aan de wereld van logistiek?

It has huge dimensions. Logistics is everywhere and everyone is dealing with it, sometimes without even knowing it. For example if you go grocery shopping, you first think of what you need and how much of it. Companies do the same every day. Of course on a much bigger scale.


Leeftijd 26
Woonplaats Nettetal, Duitsland
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