First cooperation JLN and YPL2 has taken place

The first physical cooperation between Jong Logistiek Nederland (JLN) and Young Professionals Logistics Luxembourg (YPL2), the Luxembourgish equivalent of JLN, has taken place. Jong Logistiek Nederland joined a four-day fieldtrip to Copenhagen and Aarhus (DK) in the beginning of september which was organized by YPL2. Besides JLN and YPL2, also members of “Bundesvereinigung Logistik” (BVL) the biggest German Logistics association participated, which made this fieldtrip a unique cooperation between three different organizations. This collaboration is the first step which originates from the partnership JLN and YPL2 have entered in May 2017.

JLN, YPL2 and BVL want to embrace the challenge of the opportunity to establish a community of young talents that is fully supported as well as the linkage between network and the industry. The goal on long-term perspective is among others to generate value on an international basis to create greater acceptance and bring national young professional networks from different countries together.

The present year 2017 is used as a boost and lead into a future that shall be beneficial for all involved and promote value to the next generation. Therefore, the YPL2-team with its supporters constituted a program for a fieldtrip to Denmark which has taken place from 7 until 10 September to not only visit exciting institutions and companies like UNICEF or Maersk but to enhance and push the international cooperation.

With these backgrounds in mind, this fieldtrip was an absolute success. During company visits and a lunch with the Dutch Ambassador the participants got familiar with Danish sustainable solutions and with the Danish culture. Besides these visits, all participants shared the same values and their opinions regarding different logistical challenges and issues which led to some interesting conversations.

Since both organizations share the same objectives and want to give young professionals the opportunity to expand their network internationally, JLN and YPL2 want to continue this partnership by giving each other the opportunity to attend each other’s events or to organize events together. It is the intention of YPL2 to make this fieldtrip an annual event and JLN supports this initiative and wants to participate next year as well to push the international cooperation even further.

Momentarily JLN is planning a company visit at the factory of DAF in Eindhoven on 18 December. YPL2 is invited to join this event and hopefully we will meet some of our Luxembourgish friends again.

Together with YPL2 we will work hard to continue this partnership so that many more joined events will take place in the future!

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